Fourth Grade

  • Hello Students and Families,

    As you are all aware, due to COVID-19 Governor Walz has closed all schools until March 27th, but there is a possibility of this closure being extended.  These next few weeks are for the teachers to begin developing and implementing distance learning. There are a number of apps that the students can use on their iPads that will support learning.  Some of these include: clever (words their way, XtraMath, ST Math), freckle, readworks, xtramath, prodigy, epic, and tumblebooks.  Log-in information for these apps can be found in the folder that came home.  Students may also work on the worksheets that were sent home, but not the State Research packet.

    Starting March 30 through April 3, our district will be on Spring Break.  There will be no distance learning during this week. On April 6, if we are on a continued absence from learning at school, our district will begin Distance Learning through Schoology. Students, at this time, will begin in the couse Elementary Class each day.  The students will be expected to log in each weekday to complete activities and assignments. 

    On the right side of the page, you can find a link to some of the activities that students can use, if your teacher has an account for them.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email your classroom teacher.  Stay safe and healthy and be kind to everyone around you.  This is a new situation for everyone!


    Thank you,

    Ms. Knoblach

    Mr. Nelson

    Ms. Miller

    Ms. Yang

  • 4th and 5th graders took a trip down nostalgia lane by doing a 1980's themed showcase. There was art work inspired by Keith Haring and the design aesthetic of the 80's. Music students performed songs by Prince and John Lennon while Drama students became Michael Jackson's Zombies and Dance students showed off their Tinikiling and hip hop dance skills. It was a fun and talent packed show. 

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