Welcome to Dance!

  • Hello! My name is Lizzy Askew and I am the Dance Teacher at Mississippi Creative Arts for all K-5 students.  I am in my 5th year at MCAM and I have enjoyed teaching your children how they can learn through dancing.  Every student is capable of amazing things and I get to witness students discovering their body, their voice, and their opinion everyday! Dance gives kids permission to question and explore the world in a way that they will remember- by moving!  Higher order thinking is a part of the creative arts and students leave the specialist rooms more aware and prepared for real world situations.

    This year in dance, the students will continue to explore the Elements of Dance by taking a look into dance history, learning a series of folk dances from around the world, working together through the creative process and learning about the body.


    My contact information is:  Email: elizabeth.askew@spps.org  Phone: 651-293-8840 ext. 47128