Dramatic Drama Class with Mrs. Driesen!

All the world's a stage! -William Shakespeare
  • Hello! My name is Amanda Driesen and I am the K-5 Drama Specialist here at MCA. This is my 6th year teaching theater to your students. I even have some 5th grade students this year that I have taught since they were in Kindergarten! I enjoy watching my students grow into creative thinkers, risk takers and first time performers as they spend time in my classroom navigating the art form of drama. Students in all my classes build community through drama activities, strengthen their performance skills of speaking and body movement; as well as learn how to be respectful audience members. We have some very creative minds here at MCA! My students are the reason I come to work everyday, they are so important to me.

    In primary grades (Kindergarten through 2nd grade), students spend a lot of time learning about the elements of theatre: character, plot and setting. Students learn to use DRAMATIC MOVEMENT and STAGE PROJECTION to start their exploration of using the stage as Actors. We spend time practicing how to be excellent audience members and supportive classroom community members. 

    In intermediate grades (3-5), students start to explore more drama skills that allow them to enter text to bring it to life using critical literacy strategies, use technology to explore technical theatre aspects like lights/costumes/set and sound, examine and analyze live theatre performances, and explore theatre from around the world. Students continue to build strong community with each other, and practice giving postive feedback to their peers. 


    My classroom is always  open to family to visit if you are ever at school and want to stop in to see what your students are doing! Thing are very active, loud and fun in the Drama room! 

    Amanda Driesen

4th grade