Welcome to Science!!

  • Hello, my name is Megan Hastad and I am the 3-5 Science Specialist and 2nd Grade Technology Specialist. This is my 6th year at Mississippi Creative Arts teaching science and technology. I love teaching Science and Technology!  My mission as a teacher is to help children discover the joy of learning, and to help each child develop a strong belief in his or her own ability. I enjoy watching the students grow each year within science and technology by learning how to navigate the world around them through a scientific and technological lens.

            In my room, students have the opportunity to become creative and critical learners in science and technology through a hands-on approach. Students in science spend the year exploring concepts related to scientific inquiry, engineering, earth science, physical science, and life science.  It is so much fun to see the students become enthusiastic scientific learners and connect the learning to experiences outside of school. Students in technology are learning about the components of a computer and how to use each component efficiently. It is fun to see how excited students are with using and understanding different technology tools.

            I'm delighted to work with your child this year. Please do not hesitate to stop in, call or email me if you have time as I would welcome the opportunity to get to know you.

    My contact information is:

    Email: megan.hastad@spps.org or Phone:651.293.8840 ext 47105

Students working together
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Things Happening in the Science Classroom!!