Why Technology at Mississippi?

  • Educational technology enables students to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information and express ideas in compelling ways that will prepare them for the demands of the 21st century. Research conclusions indicate that student achievement is positively affected through learning experiences that are engaging, equitable, and authentic. Technology encourages individualized learning, and improves overall student achievement. Technology prepares students to succeed in an increasingly complex, information-rich society. Technology connects students with resources (human resources and information resources). The effective use of technology in the classroom helps prepare students for the technology-driven workplace of the 21st century. Through capabilities of technology, student data can be analyzed and used to guide instructional strategies and thus improve learning.

    Mississippi's Computer Lab has 32 eMacs that are networked. We are wireless throughout the building. Students come to the lab with the teacher once a week. We also have 3 iBook carts that teachers check out to use in their classroom.

    District Technology Standards:

    Introduction to Technology

    Kindergarten thru Grade 3
    Graduation Standard

    A student shall use appropriate computer technology to access information and to produce products by:
    - gathering information from electronic sources; and
    - producing products and selecting language, format, and graphicsappropriate for the purpose and audience using word processing.

    Fourth and Fifth Grades
    Graduation standard

    A student shall use appropriate computer technology to access, evaluateand organize information and will complete products by:
    -completing products and selecting language, format and graphicsappropriate for the purpose and including word processing, graphics andmultimedia presentations
    -recognizing and using appropriate keysand techniques for entering data, and keying written work or both, attain age-appropriate level and speed and accuracy.

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  • ISTE National Educational Technology Standards Defines standards for students, integrating curriculum technology, technology support, and standards for student assessment and evaluation of technology use.


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