English Language Learners

  • Over 14,000 students in Saint Paul Public Schools are enrolled as English language learners.  Our ELL students receive services targeted at building English language proficiency along with strong foundations in academic areas.  Not only do we support our ELL students to be successful in school but we also encourage our ELL students to be successful contributors to the community.  Our ELL teachers work with content teachers to ensure that students excel.Learn more about the past, present, and future of the ELL Programs!

    History of ELL Programs

    Since 1975, ELL Programs have existed to serve the needs of ELL students.  We are continually refining and making our services more effective for our ELL students.  Read the History of ELL Programs to learn more about our past, present and future.


    Among the 38,500 students in Saint Paul Public Schools, more than 14,000 are ELL students and more than 126 languages and dialects are spoken by our students.  The number of ELL students in Saint Paul Public Schools has increased more than 240% in the last twenty years and the diversity of ELL students continues to grow.  You can read more about the demographic changes in ELL and SPPS as well as national trends in ELL demographics on our Demographics page.

    ELL Programs

    There is a variety of ELL programs available for ELL students in grades K-12.  We strive to make our programs high quality and focused on the needs of students.  Whether students are newcomers or have been in the United States for a longer length of time, our programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of students at each stage of their language learning.  We also offer programs that help students retain, develop, and maintain their native languages and cultures based on the belief that research has shown that strong knowledge of native language, literacy, and culture contributes to faster learning of a second language, literacy, and culture.  You can download the ELL Fact Sheets to read descriptions of our ELL programs or visit the ELL Programs section.


    Mississippi School has several programs to meet the needs of our English Language Learners. Currently, we have:

    • Language Academy Program (grades 1-6);
    • Latino Consent Decree Program (grades 1-6); and
    • English Language Learner Program (grades 1-6).

    Mississippi School has Bilingual Educational Assistants for our Hmong and Karen speaking families. You may contact  Mr. Neng Moua  and Mr. Daniel Tun Baw in the Parent Resource Room (Room 1223) or by calling Mississippi School's phone number: 293-8840 ext. 1223.