About us

  • Our school is based on the Montessori method: students learn at their own pace in multi-grade classrooms, independently cultivating their interests and natural abilities. Teachers help students choose their work in carefully prepared, peaceful environments; students use beautifully designed hands-on materials to practice and understand skills and concepts. Teachers are Montessori certified and use the Montessori philosophy to guide instruction. Nokomis has an active PTO that provides many opportunities for families to be involved each year, with community-building activities such as the Harvest Festival, Hmong New Year, Family Craft Night, Fun Fair and the Spring Luau Dance. Nokomis serves the East Side of Saint Paul with two campuses. Both campuses serve grades PreK-5.

    Classrooms are organized into three levels and students attend school with different age groups:

    Early childhood classrooms have pre-school (4 year-olds) and kindergarten.

    • Elementary 1 classrooms have grades 1,2, and 3.
    • Elementary 2 classrooms have grades 4 and 5.

    Students stay with the same teacher and peers for two to three years. The Montessori teaching style and classroom organization also has a positive effect on the school learning environment and student behavior.

    Applications are accepted to the Student Placement Center from mid January through mid March annually.

    "Nokomis Montessori, located in Area A, will be a K-5 Regional Magnet with a dual campus at its current location and the former site of Sheridan Elementary in 2013-2014. Nokomis will serve Areas A, B and C (East of 35E)." More information about Strong Schools, Strong Community and area maps

    Montessori Education is a method of learning founded by Dr. Maria Montessori. Nokomis Montessori is one of three Public Montessori Schools in the Saint Paul Public School district.

    Nokomis Montessori Magnet, serving the east side of St. Paul, learn in multi-age classrooms emphasizing the Montessori method blending in components of reader’s workshop and writer’s workshop. Students learn in a non-competitive environment and use special Montessori materials that help them understand concepts and skills. Differentiated instruction is embedded in the Montessori methodology. Students in a Montessori environment learn strategies to think and work independently. The Montessori teaching style and classroom organization maximizes the school learning environment and student behavior. 
    Classrooms are organized into three levels and students attend school in multi-age classes:

    • Children’s House Classes have two grade combinations of four year olds (.5 day) and all day Kindergarten students. **Our 4 year old program will be all day starting 2019-2020 school year.
    • Elementary 1 have three grade combinations of students in grades 1, 2 and 3. Students stay with the same teacher and peers for three years.
    • Elementary 2 have two grade combinations of students in grades 4 and 5. Students stay with the same teacher and peers for two years.

    Special Features: 

    • All classroom teachers are Montessori certified providing the school community with a common philosophy and structure.
    • Nokomis has a high stability rate for both students and staff.
    • Nokomis provides a strong writer’s workshop and reader’s workshop curriculum. Students participate in small reading groups providing opportunities for students to work at their own instructional level.
    • Enrichment and extended learning opportunities are incorporated into the Montessori curriculum for our gifted and talented students. Enrichment activities include literacy/reading groups, writer’s workshop and science fair projects.
    • We are using a collaborative model of ELL service with our students. ELL teachers provide service during reading in the classroom.
    • Students participate in Physical Education, Technology and Science specialty classes on a rotating basis.
    • ALC Extended Day classes meet twice a week to provide additional academic support for our students.
    • Parent involvement opportunities include PTA, Site Council and frequent school-family activities.
    • The school is peaceful and attractive.

    Montessori Philosophy

    The Montessori method has been tested and proven successful throughout the world for seventy years.

    • Concerning Your Child
    • Children are challenged at their own pace.
    • Children are free to choose their work within limits.
    • Children of varying ages work together in the same classroom, stimulating both academic and social growth.
    • The method seeks to develop the whole child socially, mentally and physically.
    • The child is encouraged to become an independent learner. It is the child’s natural aptitude for learning that is tapped and cultivated.
    • The Classroom
    • The Montessori classroom is a joyous place to be. It is geared to the child’s natural development and the child has the unique opportunity to fulfill his/her potential.

    The Materials

    • Individual materials permit a varied peace and accommodate many levels of ability. The materials isolate the learning task for the child so that s/he can master the concepts.
    • Each exercise has a control of error that allows the child to correct his/her own errors.
    • The exercised are the tools of learning and make abstract ideas concrete.
    • Through the use of materials, the child will develop her/his coordination, attention to detail and good work habits.