Mr. Jermaine Guthrie

Phone: office 651-744-2316 cell 612-743-4508


Degrees and Certifications:

BS K-12 Physical Education

Mr. Jermaine Guthrie

Hello, my name is Jermaine Guthrie and I am the physical education teacher here at The Heights Community School. I would like to take time to tell you a little about myself, and my background. I was born, raised and still live in North Minneapolis. I attended Lincoln Elementary, Franklin Middle School, and Washburn High School. In highschool I was a two sport athlete, playing both foortball and track. I recieved a football scholarship to play for Minnesota State University Moorhead. I recieved a degree in k-12 physical education. I coached football for two years at Park Center High School, and two years for Columbia Heights 4th and 5th grade team. I have been the physical education teacher here at The Heights going on 6 years now. I love what I do, and can't wait to see our students.

Hello my name is Jermaine Guthrie, and I am the physical education teacher here at the Heights Community School. My philosophy is that we all have an inner athlete, for some it just takes more work to find it. I am an avid lover of sports and physical activity. My job as a teacher is to not only have kids exercise, but to teach them how to be healthy for a lifetime. I am a firm believer that all kids should be involved in sports, regardless of physical skill. Playing sports instills so many life skills without you even realizing it. Through sports you learn teamwork, accountability, setting and working towards goals, work ethic, and mental toughness. I tell all of my students that if there is a sport they would like to play and don't know how to get involved in that sport, to let me know and I will get them the information. I do understand that playing some sports can be expensive so I do my best to find the right accommodations for the kid. I can't guarantee that it will be free, but I do my best to find the cheapest alternative. The same goes for parents, if you are having trouble finding a sport for your child, feel free to email me and I will do my best to get you that information. If you have any questions, feel free to call my office at 651-744-2316 cell 612-743-4508 and email

In my classes, I focus on one of two things depending on the age of the kids. For grades 3-5th, I work to expose kids to sports, some they might not get a chance to experience otherwise. For grades Kindergarten-2nd, I focus on basic motor movements, (hopping, skipping, jumping, shuffling, and galloping). I tailor the games we play to these skills, I try to stay away from sports at this level, because in order to learn the skills necessary for any sport, one must have mastered the basic motor movements. Each class is a two-week session for fifty minutes a day, except for Kindergarten, they are on a one week rotation. Each session has a unit and an objective followed by daily goals. I like to introduce the objective the first day of the session, then I breakdown the necessary skills into daily goals. I like to spend two day for each skill. Sometimes I can't spend the time I would like to on skills because of days off, and field trips. For grades 3-5th I leave the last three days of the session to play whatever sport we have covered for the entire fifty minutes. For example, if the unit we are covering is basketball I would spend two days on dribbling. The next two days we would focus on passing and the three types of passes. Followed by two days of shooting and the three types of shots. We would then spend a class and a half on defense. The rest of the days in that session would be spent playing basketball games.