• September
    UNIT 1- This unit focuses on reading & writing numbers from 1-31, and representing numbers in many ways. 



    UNIT 2- This unit focuses on solving addition and subtraction problems. We have been working on adding numbers that equal 10.

    For example:  4 + 6= 10, 7 + 3= 10
 Two-Fisted Penny Addition works great to help this skill! Students should work on finding numbers that come before and after a given number -
 For example: What comes before?  _____19    _____11   _____ 31  What comes after?  12 ____     17 _____

_     24  _____


    November and December

    UNIT 3- Students will...

    - Solve addition and subtraction problems, including word problems.

    - Skip count by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s.

    - Count up and back from any given number.

    - Subtract by counting back, and add by counting forward.

    Students are taught to use number lines, number charts, pictures, or other means to show their understanding. 

    Please help your child by practicing addition and subtraction facts daily.



    UNIT 4- Students will...

    - Read, write, and represent numbers up to 99.

    - Practice measuring with rulers, tape measurers, and our own feet.