• Meet Ms. Oubaha

    Ms. Oubaha is celebrating her 25th year, both in St. Paul and at Jackson.  Many of her former students are now back at Jackson as parents. "I love being part of the community network. Knowing neighbors and other family members helps to build a stronger connection between teacher and student."

    When she's not at Jackson, Ms. Oubaha hangs out with friends, her husband, who is originally from Morocco in North Africa, and her two kids, Aceif and Sophie.  She loves to travel, garden, read, practice her French and quilt.

    Ms. Oubaha goal is for all students to complete science class with the understanding that people need evidence to make claims about things: about life or on the Internet or on the playground.

    Feel free to contact Ms. Oubaha by phone before 9 a.m. or after 3 p.m.
    She can also be emailed.
    Phone: 651-293-8650
    Email: ann.oubaha@spps.org


Ms. Oubaha