Mr. Horton



Degrees and Certifications:

2004 Bachelors Degree - University of Minnesota 2005 Student Teaching at J.J. Hill Montessori 2005 First Year Teaching- Lincoln Elementary 2006 Masters Degree - University of Minnesota 2007 5th Grade Teacher - Lincoln Elementary 2009 Nominated for Top Teacher Award 2009 Cable in the Classroom Teacher of Honor 2010 Moved to 5th Grade - Evergreen Park I.B. ​2011 I.B. Level One and Three Training 2011 2nd Grade - Eisenhower Elementary 2012 KS95 Teacher of the Week 2012 Nominated for Above and Beyond Award 2013 KS95 Teacher of the Year 2013 KS95 Teacher of the Week 2013 Above and Beyond Award Winner. 2014 J.J. Hill Montessori School in Saint Paul 2016 Masters Degree - UWRF 2016 Outstanding Student Award -UWRF 2017 Semifinalist for Teacher of the Year (2017)

Mr. Horton

like to think of myself as an educator and family man. My wonderful wife Becky and I have been married since 2005, and we have two children that attend our school. Being a teacher and a father is the greatest gift I have been given, and I'm thankful to be able to fulfill both those roles.

     As a teacher my role is to foster a healthy community both inside and out of the classroom. I believe that every child should be cared for and respected. I believe that every child has an innate ability to learn, discover, and explore. I also believe that each child needs to be valued and given meaningful tasks that enrich their schooling experience and their world.

     My hope is our  that work together fosters a love of learning that your child will carry with them for many years outside of our class. I spent nine years in the Anoka-Hennepin School district before moving to J.J. Hill for the 2014-2015 School year. My work with families and students has resulted in numerous recognitions and I’m proud of the community we have created.

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