Middle School Science

      Middle School Science
  • Welcome to Science! Classes are a combination of activities, labs, demonstrations, discussions, projects, internet research, and using videos to enhance our understanding of the science world around us.

    Science students are expected to take notes, watch videos, participate in labs and simulations, and engage in class discussions. This means students will need to keep their iPads up to date and organized so they can find and learn from their research, data, and notes. Organization is very important for success in middle school and the rest of your life. If you pay attention, participate in class, and do your homework, you will do well in science!

    Mr. Doug Humes: Earth Science 8 and Accelerated Science 8

    HustadLife Science 7, Accelerated Science 7, and Environmental Science 

    Ms. Harer: Earth Science 6 and Go For It 



    We have our very own weather station up on the roof here at GAPU!  The weather is shared on the popular weather website wundergroundHow does it compare to St. Paul’s weather?