Welcome to Pre-K!

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    Welcome to our Pre-K School Family!

    In Pre-K at Obama, we believe that the best learning comes from play and discovery. We encourage scholars to build relationships with their peers and teachers during play and small group activities. The Pre-K program at Obama emphasizes social emotional learning, early literacy and math skills, and community engagement through our many different areas of study. Throughout the day scholars will be engaged in learning letter names, letter sounds, alliteration, rhyming, vocabulary, writing their names, and math skills. We work on these skills to prepare scholars for Kindergarten!

    We teachers work as a team to provide the best experience for your child and look forward to partnering with families, as you are your child's first and best teacher!

    Wishing you well,

    Ms. Doenges and Ms. Martin


    Our Schedule:


    Ease into the Day

    Morning Meeting

    Read Aloud


    Active Learning & Literacy Groups




    Active Learning & Math Groups

    Regroup to Revisit