What is Parent Academy?

Parent Academy Model


    The curriculum for the Parent Academy was adopted from the Parent Institute of Quality Education (PIQE) Program in San Diego, California. PIQE was created over 20-years ago and provided programming for a diverse population of families of students that attend public schools in California. PIQE is a research-based model that has consistently shown its impact on increasing graduation rates for students of color. Significantly more of PIQE participants’ students go on to college.

  • Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) Parent Academy Program is designed especially for parents/guardians of children that attend SPPS. This program provides families with the necessary tools to support the success of their child's education. The goal is to bring the schools, parents/guardians, families, partners and community organizations together as equal partners in providing "A Premier Education for All."

    Over 4,854 Parents have successfully completed the six week program or attended parent seminars!  

    Parent Academy assists parents in navigating the SPPS system to become strong advocates for their child's education and make the best informed decisions. While attending Parent Academy families will learn about:

    • Home and school collaboration
    • Student motivation and self-esteem
    • The road to college
    • MN Academic Standards and their connection to standardized tests, school curriculum, and classroom work
    • Programs of enrichment and support available for SPPS students
    • Leadership and community-building opportunities available both at school sites, and throughout the SPPS district

    For more information about Parent Academy or to find out if your school is participating in Parent Academy, please contact: Shannon Myles at 651-767-3422 or email shannon.myles@spps.org