• First Grade is GREAT!

    We have five first grade classrooms. Two of the classes are Hmong studies and focus on English Language learning. The other three classes are Hmong Dual Language, and teach both Hmong and English languages.  

    We look forward to meeting and learning with you!!!

    Peb muaj 5 chav kawm nyob qib ib. 2 chav yog kawm lus As Kiv xwb hos 3 chav yog kawm ob hom lus uas yog Hmoob thiab As Kiv.

    Peb zoo siab yuav tau ntsib nej thiab kawm nrog nej!!


    First Grade Team




  • Classroom Supplies

    • 2 glue sticks
    • 5 pencils
    • 1 pink eraser
    • 1 box of crayons (16-24 count)
    • 1 pair of child’s scissors 
    • plastic pencil box
    • Headphones (cannot be wireless)
    • box of zip-lock bags: any size
    • 2 large box of tissues to share
    • 1 backpack
    • 1 pair of tennis shoes - these are required for gym

    Please label all school supplies with your child’s name.

    Additional items may be requested throughout the year by the classroom teacher.

First Grade Links

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