Welcome to Science

  • Here are some topics that students are studying in science this fall:

    Grade K Trees, Seeds and Sorting Objects

    Grade 1 (Will not see until February)

    Grade 2 Insects, Plants and Seeds

    Grade 3 Living Things--structures and Functions, Food Chains and Webs

    Grade 4 Human Body Systems, Germs

    Grade 5 Biology and Variables in Experiments

    Grade 6 Models and Designs

Come meet Petey, The Bearded Dragon Lizard!
Corn Snake Eggs in Incubator
  • These are the nine eggs currently in the incubator. They will need approximately 3 months to grow

Corn Snake Eggs
  • Here is a picture of the eggs in moist vermiculite. Note: there is a penny in the picture to help put the eggs to scale.