Our Programs

  • We offer several programs and services for students at Bruce Vento Elementary.

    Special Education

    Special Education at Saint Paul Public Schools is high quality and effective. We recognize and support the importance of designing an educational experience to meet the unique needs of each student with a disability, from birth to age 21. At Bruce Vento, we offer services for students with learning disabilities and Emotional or Behavioral Disorder. Also, we have staff who specialize in speech, occupational therapy, hearing impaired issues. We have a psychologist at our school, as well as several social workers for students.

    Multilingual Learning

    The K-12 language program provides additional English language development and instruction for students whose home language is other than English (approximately 40% of SPPS students). Children who are new to the country or need English language development have the option to participate in Language Academy. Through the academy, students interact with their native English-speaking peers to build language skills and relationships.