Bruce Vento Family Center

Family Connect

       The Bruce Vento Family Center is here to build relationships with families and create a bridge between school and home.  The Family Center is located in room 1302, staff are available school days from 10 am to 3 pm and on Wednesday's from 8 am to 4 pm. 

    Our goal is to provide families with opportunities to connect with other families, pass along resources and information, and build a network for support.  Weekly we host Family Connect meetings as a way to build community and a supportive family network.  Join us on Wednesday's at 8:30 am for Family Connect.  Once a month the Family Center will host Vento Connect from 2 to 3 pm.  Vento Connect will provide educational information for families related to reading, math, and other educational content areas. Families are welcome to visit anytime, we look forward to meeting you!      


     Family Connect Carol and Fannie Cooking Class Egg Rolls


    Family Center Calendar 

    Family Connect:

      Wednesday's at 8:30 am


    Vento Connect:

    Thursday, September 20th at 2 pm



    Housing Support and Resources

    Career Support

    Educational Resources for Families

    Information on Adult Education Classes

    Community Connections

    Food Pantry

    Literacy Resources

    Volunteer Opportunities 

    Community Garden Connection and much more! 


    Phone: 651-744-5779

    Gretchen Ray


    Gardening Coordinator-

    Kirsten Saylor