Important Title I Information for Families

  • Title 1 is the largest U.S. Federal Government assistance program for schools across the nation. As a Title 1 school Wellstone is focused on helping every child receive a high quality education and achieve the highest standards set by the state of Minnesota with the involvement of parents.

    Under the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) waiver, the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) has a new system of accountability for all schools.

    The Multiple Measurements Rating (MMR) is a system that is the primary way MDE measures school performance. The MMR looks at proficiency, growth, achievement gap reduction and graduation rates. Using the MMR, MDE identifies schools for recognition, and improvement by designating a percentage of Title I schools as Priority, Focus, Continuous Improvement, Celebration Eligible and Reward schools.

  • MMR letter to familes

    MMR letters for families

    September 16, 2016



    Dear Wellstone Families,


    The Minnesota Department of Education recently released their Multiple Measurement Ratings (MMR), an assessment of school progress across the state.


    MMR ranks schools based on: 1) the number of students in each school who are reaching academic targets for their grade level, 2) how much growth has been made by individual students toward grade-level standards, and 3) the gap between the academic performance of the lowest and highest-performing students in the school. The MMR rating is calculated from each school’s performance on the annual Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) exams. For high schools, the MMR also reflects graduation rates.


    As a result of our MMR rating, Wellstone will continue to be designated as a Priority School. Priority Schools are part of the 5 percent lowest performing schools that receive Title I funding. Our school received this designation because of low test scores as reported in the MCA exams. Though I think we can all agree that test scores do not tell the full story of our great school, it is currently the system in which we are judged.


    The 2016-17 school year will be a year to focus on supporting all students to help improve their academic performance and elevate our school’s state designation. In order to accomplish this important work, we will bring together our improvement team, which includes staff, community members and parents. Parents are highly encouraged to be a member of the improvement team. If you are interested, please call me at 651-744-2362 If we can demonstrate significant improvement in the years ahead, Wellstone will no longer be designated a Priority School.


    Wellstone is dedicated to providing all students with an excellent education. Please join us in supporting your child’s work in the classroom by talking with your child’s teacher and by engaging in events and opportunities at our school. Our Family Engagement Plan is available on our school’s website at where you’ll also find other ways you can be involved in your child’s education.

    We look forward to a productive year.




    Angelica Van Iperen Principal



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