General Rules of the Library Media Center

shelf with people standing and sitting all across it
  • The Obama Elementary Library is an integral part of the reading and language arts program where the students learn to use resources, books, computers, and the computer catalog. The library has a semi-fixed schedule which allows times for classrooms to visit weekly while also allowing small groups of children to come to the media center between the hours of 10:30am and 2:00pm when the Library Media Specialist is present.

    Kindergarten and Grade 1
    Students may check out one book. Whenever one book is returned, another item may be chosen. The book may be enjoyed for two weeks.

    Grades 2-6
    Students may check out two books for two weeks. For certain school projects, more than two books may be checked out at the discretion of the librarian and the classroom teacher.

    Books may be renewed for additional weeks. Fines are not assessed for late books. However, if the student has an overdue book, library privileges are canceled until the overdue materials are paid for or returned. Books that are lost or damaged beyond repair will be assessed a fine according to the age and condition of the book.