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Ms. Greenawald

Welcome to the Science Room! 


This will be my 9th year as the science specialist and LEGO robotics coach at Maxfield. 

Children are natural scientists, and it is my privilege to guide them as they investigate and explore the world around them. I love teaching science, and I treasure working with our scholars as they grow and develop from curious Kindergartners into confident and brilliant Fifth graders! 

Here are some examples of the topics we explore at each grade level. 

Kindergarten: Living/Nonliving, Plants and Animals, Physical Properties of Matter 

First Grade: Forces and Motion, Earth Materials, Air and Weather 

Second Grade: Plant and Animal Lifecycles, Habitats, Properties of Matter 

Third Grade: Animal and Plant Structures and Functions, Light and Sound, Rocks and Minerals, Astronomy 

Fourth Grade: Energy, Magnetism and Electricity, and Heat. Water Cycle, States of Matter, Human Immune System 

Fifth Grade: Experimental design, Ecosystems, Earth’s Resources, Earth Science, Motion


Each grade level also experiences STEM integration with various engineering projects woven in throughout the year. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or to just say hello!