• Ms. Hawkins  

    Welcome Kindergarten Families and Guardians,

                My name is Heather Hawkins. I have been Teaching in St. Paul Public Schools since 2004. I started at Mississippi Creative Arts in 2013. I was a First grade teacher at Highwood Hills for one year. The nine years prior, I was a Special Ed teacher for 7 years and a First grade teacher for 3 years at Wellstone Elementary. I have always enjoyed working with children of all ages. I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from North Park College in Chicago, IL. I earned my Master’s Degree in Elementary Education K-sixth grade and a license in Learning Disabilities from St. Thomas University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Outside of school I enjoy walking, swimming, and biking outside. I also enjoy reading, drawing, and knitting for my indoor activities. I am excited for this new school year to begin. I am looking forward to meeting all of my new students and their families!

                I am truly dedicated to each one of the students at Mississippi Creative Arts. We will all learn and grow together. I will create and maintain a safe and respectful classroom community where kids feel comfortable to share their thoughts and feelings. We will discuss, model, and practice how to treat others and how to voice our opinions. I believe the best learning takes place in a hands on environment and one that fosters social opportunities.

                In Kindergarten, we will strengthen math skills, build phonemic awareness, learn to read, expand writing skills, become scientific thinkers, and learn to function in a diverse classroom while showing respect to ourselves and to others through social studies. We will also have the opportunity to develop and grow our technology skills through the use of a smart board and Ipads.

                I believe it takes a village to raise children. I want to work along side each family to help all of our students soar! We are all valuable players in the success of each child’s education – inside and outside of school. Please know you are welcome to come to school anytime.

                Please call if you have any questions or concerns.


    Heather Hawkins

    Kindergarten teacher

    (651) 293-8840

    email heather.hawkins@spps.org

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