Welcome to Leslie's Room- Room 2203

  • Welcome to Leslie's E2 class.  We are one of three E2 classrooms at Nokomis North campus.

    Montessori classrooms are structured so many lessons are taught in small groups of students.  Our morning consists of "work time."  Each student has a planner where they priortize their work goals to work on during this independent work time.  This teaches important skills of time management and prioritization.

    Reader's Workshop occurs daily where students participate in independent reading, mini-lessons, reading groups, and word study lessons. We read a variety of literature and study different genres.  Students keep a Reader's notebook to respond to their reading and practice different reading strategies.  Writer's Workshop follows a similar format of mini-lessons and work time.  Students keep a Writer's notebook and collect ideas for their writing.  Throughout the year students will explore different genres of writing. 

    In Math students have the opportunity to use beautiful Montessori math materials.  This allows students to concretely practice a math concept before working abstractly with pencil and paper.  Montessori materials are hands-on, sensorial, and allow children to learn with their hands first to experience new learning. 

    E2 has a Fun Fair annually.  This is a community fundraiser and the money is used for special E2 learning experiences, such as a week-long Artist in Residence program and numerous local history field trips.

    Parent volunteers are appreciated!  If you are able to volunteer in the classroom, please contact me.



  • I can be reached by e-mail at leslie.young@spps.org.  I can also be reached by phone at 651-744-7465, 8:30-9:00 am or 3:15-4:00.


  • 9:15-9:35  Breakfast
    9:35-9:45  Morning Meeting

    9:45-12:40 Work Time

    Small group lessons:  math, geometry, reading, word study, algebra

    Whole group lessons:  Cultures

    12:45-1:15 Lunch

    1:15-1:35  Recess

    1:35-3:15  Read Aloud, Writer's Workshop, Read to Self

    (2:25-3:15 Digital Literacy W/F)

    3:15-4:05 Specials (Science, P.E., Music)