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Mrs. Kang



Nyob Zoo and Hello!

My name is Pang Kang! I have been teaching at Phalen for almost 20 years.  When I first came to Phalen, my time was split between ELL and Hmong culture, but currently, I am fully teaching Hmong culture enrichment to Pre-K through 5th grade students.  I am proud of being a Hmong woman teaching Hmong culture to a generation of learners who are living in a multi-cultural society.  It is a privilege to be in this position. I am learning alongside my students about their cultures as I am educating them about the Hmong culture. I have always known from the tender age of six that I would some day be an educator.  Here I am!    

I love traveling to places around the world to explore and learn about other cultures.  I enjoy introducing the different flavorful dishes to my taste buds.  I would then try to duplicate the dishes and have my family be the judge to see how close they come to the original recipes. Thank you for dropping by.

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Phone: 651-293-8935