Degrees and Certifications:

Principal May Lee Xiong/ Thawj Tswj Maiv Lig Xyooj

Zoo Siab Tos Txais Nej Sawv Daws!

Nyob zoo!  Kuv tsev neeg peb tuaj rau Meskas Teb thaum kuv muaj plaub xyoos. Txij thaum ntawd los ces peb yeem ib txwm nyob rau lub lav Minnesota.  Thaum kuv tseem yau, kuv hais lus Hmoob tom tsev nrog kuv niam kuv txiv hos tuaj kawm lus Askiv nrog cov xib fwb tom tsev kawm ntawv.  Kuv yim kawm ntawv, kuv yim pom tias peb cov lus Hmoob tsis muaj nuj nqi npaum lus Askiv, tias kuv niam kuv txiv tsis txawj ntse npaum kuv cov xibfwb, thiab peb cov kev cai Hmoob tsis tseem ceeb npaum li Mekas cov.  Thaum kuv loj tuaj, kawm los ua xib fwb lawm, kuv mam li ras txog tias, qhov kuv paub ob yam lus, tsis yog ib qho tsis zoo. Tiam sis, yog ib yam uas muaj nuj nqi heev thiab pab tau kuv ua ntau yam. Tig sab Hmoob, los yus paub. Tig sab Askiv, los yus paub. Ces thaum no, kuv mam li pom tias yog peb yuav qhia peb cov tub ntxhais no, peb yuav tsum tau qhia kom lawv paub hais tias lawv muaj nuj nqi npaum li cas.

Kuv twb ua hauj lwm nyob rau Txuj Ci Lower Campus txij thaum xyoo 2004 los lawm. Kuv zoo siab heev tias kuv tau los coj ib lub tsev kawm ntawv uas pom tias lus Hmoob, kab li kev cai, thiab keeb kwm muaj nuj nqi heev.  Peb tau coj los qhia rau cov me tub me nyuam kom lawv kawm tau los pab txhawb lawv txoj kev kawm thiab kev ntseeg tias lawv yog ib tug neeg muaj peev xwm.


Welcome Everyone!

Hello!  My family and I first arrived in Minnesota as refugees when I was four years old.  Since then, I have called Minnesota home and love it here.  I grew up speaking Hmong at home with my parents and learned English at school with my teachers.  As I grew older, I began to push away my Hmong culture and language.  It wasn't until I became a teacher that I realize how important it was for me to embrace all of who I am, both my Hmong culture and the American culture.  I learned to see the value of being able to speak Hmong and speak English.  This realization was one of the most transformative moments for me.  As an educator, it's very important for me that our students see themselves reflected in the curriculum, in the adults that work with them, and in the broader world that they will grow up in.  They need a learning space to learn about themselves, learn about others, be curious about the world, and gain the skills to pursue their passions. 

I've been an educator in different roles at Txuj Ci Lower Campus since 2004.  I am so proud to lead a school that offers the Hmong Dual Program, which allows our students to be bilingual, and the Hmong Studies program, which allows our students to learn about the vibrant Hmong community and other cultures.

I welcome your thoughts and questions regarding our programs or your child at or (651)293-8935.