Choose Well, Live Well

  • At SPPS, we care about our employees. Our aim is to invest in the health and well-being of our greatest resource... you! The SPPS ChooseWell, LiveWell program promotes a healthful and positive work environment and fosters a culture that supports healthful decisions through programs, courses, presentations, and resources. 

  • If you have HealthPartners insurance through the district, you can save money your 2020 health care.

    To earn Health Care Savings in 2020, you and your covered spouse must both complete two steps.

    1. Complete the Health Assessment.
    2. Complete one Wellness Activity.

    Both the employee and covered spouse must complete these two steps by October 18, 2019 to earn the 2020 Health Care Savings.
    Don’t wait until the last minute. Some programs take several weeks to complete.

    Go to to get started!



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Meeting new people
Sense of personal reward
Enjoyment of giving back
Feelings of inclusion
Support your community
Gain work experience
Desire to make a difference
Like helping others
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