Eugenia Popa

  • Eugenia Popa Hello! Hola! Nyob Zoo! As Salam Alaykom! Gaw La Gay! Buna ziua!

    My name is Eugenia Popa and I am starting my fourth year as an EL teacher
    at Harding Senior High School. I have been an educator for 36 years, and worked for the last 23 years in Saint Paul, on the East side, with elementary and secondary students.

    I also taught in Romania, my native country, and in the UK. I have a BA in Romanian and English Language and Literature from the University of Bucharest, Romania, a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from St. Cloud State University, and a Certificate in Gifted and Talented Education from Hamline University. I have worked in both public and private schools, and have taught students of all ages, from Pre-K to adult learners.

    I have a strong passion for languages, cultures, and traveling. I LOVE teaching and I am looking forward to working again with my wonderful EL students!

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  • level 2 EL World History

    level 3 EL Human Geography (co-taught).