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Student Data Privacy Practices

The information on this page is provided as guidelines for protecting student data privacy.

Adults who work with Saint Paul Public School students must agree to follow these practices if they have access to any form of student data. You may be required to submit acknowledgement that you have read and agree to follow these guidelines to your supervisor or Saint Paul Public Schools Human Resources Department.

The form for submission is available once you complete the reading.

1. Learning Targets

  • I can understand the basic data sharing guidelines of the FERPA law.
  • I can identify who has rights to access student data.
  • I can set SPPS Google document sharing rights appropriately to protect student data.
  • I am aware that anything created on work time or the district network is subject to public access.

2. Laws Regulating Student Data Privacy


SPPS students and staff access course materials on-line through a learning management system called Schoology.  Is it OK for students to see see each other's postings in Schoology?

  • Yes, this is a collaborative feature as long as no grades are visible

Can parents help grade student papers?

  • FERPA does not support parent access to other students' grades.

Can I post assignments in the hallway that include grades or feedback?

  • Not if the student work has grades on them.

Can I use a Google doc to share test scores with my PLC?

  • Yes, as long as there is a purpose in sharing the data with all members of your PLC and you have carefully checked the sharing settings.

Sharing Data In SPPS Google Docs

Public Access To Information Rights

Anything created on work time or the district network is subject to public access, including staff email if requested by parents or the public.

Be mindful about writing and forwarding emails that include:

  • Comments or opinions about students.
  • Comments or opinions about parents.
  • Subjective or opinion statements about work environment.
  • Inappropriate email forwarded to you.

6. Resources To Learn More About FERPA And Student Data Privacy

If you have questions about student records or about what student information can be released, please contact:

     Erin Moline
     Supervisor, Student Records
     Saint Paul Public Schools Student Placement Center

If you have other questions about FERPA or data privacy or this course, please contact:

     Chris Turnbull
     Personalized Learning Specialist
     Office of Teaching & Learning

If you have additional questions related to student data privacy, please click on this link to submit your question.


7. Acknowledgement of Data Privacy Practices

Please download and sign this form if your program or supervisor requires your agreement to follow SPPS data privacy practices guidelines.

Provide the signed form to your supervisor or the Saint Paul Public Schools Office of Human Resources, 360 Colborne St., whichever your program requires.