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Saint Paul Public Schools, District 625
360 Colborne Street
Saint Paul


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Name Title Location Email Phone Last Name First Name
Lily Tharoor Social Worker 1021 Marion Street - Title I 651-744-1453
Christine Solum Social Worker- Fostering Connections 1021 Marion Street- Title I 651-744-4032
Cindy McGowan Social Worker 1021 Marion Street - Title I 651-632-3791
KaZoua Kong EA - Homeless Liaison 1021 Marion Street - Title I 651-744-2815
Tamara Mclemore EA - Homeless Liaison 1021 Marion Street - Title I 651-744-7456
Tracey Jackson EA - Homeless Liaison 1021 Marion Street - Title I 651-744-5092
Laura Vallejo EA - Homeless Transportation 1021 Marion Street - Title I 651-744-5105
Heather Alden Supervisor 1021 Marion Street- Title I 651 231 0404 Alden Heather
Andrea Lindorfer Evening Tutor Coordinator 1021 Marion Street - Title I 651-632-3780 Lindorfer Andrea
Becky Valek Counselor on Special Assignment 1021 Marion Street. Title I 651-744-1525 Valek Rebecca

 If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

The Roles of the Homeless Program Staff

The program has many staff positions, each of which plays a key role in in success.

The District Homeless Liaison oversees the activities of the staff that includes home school liaisons, school social workers, a parent educator, certified teachers, and a transportation coordinator.  She determines eligibility and ensures the educational rights of homeless students.  

REACH Homeless Liaisonsare assigned as the contacts for shelters and are available to help students enroll in school. Because of their close contact with families enrollment is often completed within 1 day of initial intake.  Besides the enrollment procedures, the home school liaisons also assess/implement transportation when necessary. When transportation is set up, they inform the families and school contacts of the necessary information. They also help coordinate early childhood screenings for homeless preschoolers to ensure registration in kindergarten. Each parent is given a packet of information that explains all early childhood educational offerings in the district and community including Head Start, School Readiness, Community Kindergarten and application information on Early Kindergarten.

Social Workers in the program help achieve our program goals of enrollment, attendance and academic achievement. Currently, there are two full time school social workers in the Title I homeless program. These social workers provide outreach assistance in information and referral for housing, mental health, medical assistance, legal consultation, basic needs, social services, child protection and transportation, as well as assist in attendance and enrollment of homeless students.  This position conducts an assessment of family needs to advocate for special education services when appropriate.    The Transportation Coordinator is the primary contact with the district transportation department and helps streamline the out of district transportation requests.  She also coordinates the transportation of homeless students residing in emergency foster care.  
  Under the guidance of an 

Evening Academic Coordinatorhighly qualified licensed teachers and social workersprovide tutoring at shelter sites after school in the evenings. Literacy and math enrichment programs compliment the classroom curriculum by leading kids through a wide range of activities that are challenging and engaging.  The evening enrichment coordinator guides the instructional staff with district curriculum and aligns lessons and activities to help youth meet the K-12 district, state, and national standards.