• Flipside is Expanding & Hiring!

    Flipside recently received American Rescue Plan funding to expand to all Middle Schools across the District.  We are super excited for this amazing opportunity and are recruiting for several positions to make the expansion happen.  Flipside is currently located at six schools:

    American Indian Magnet
    Farnsworth Aerospace Upper Campus
    Humboldt Secondary School
    Murray Middle School
    Ramsey Middle School
    Washington Technology School

    Flipside will be expanding to the following schools by mid March 2022!

    Battle Creek Middle School
    Capitol Hill Gifted and Talented
    Creative Arts Secondary
    E-STEM Middle School
    Global Arts Plus Upper Campus
    Hazel Park Preparatory Academy
    Highland Park Middle School
    Open World Learning Community
    Parkway Montessori Middle School

    The following visit our Job Opening page for details.

  • Program locations

    Program Locations
    Flipside is offered at six middle school locations across Saint Paul.

  • Youth, Family & Partners

    Youth, Family & Community Partners
    Flipside develops partnerships with schools, families, and the community.

  • Program Design & Evaluation

    Program Design & Evaluation
    Flipside is intentionally designed to achieve program outcomes for participation, experience and quality.

  • Flipside Expansion Updates

    December 21, 2021

    • New Community Education Managers begin their work to oversee all Flipside Sites.
    • New Special Projects Coordinators begin their work to recruit and manage partnerships, communication and oversee the support our data and evaluation activities. 
    • A group of 5 Site Coordinators were interviewed for new and replacement positions.
    • Recruitment for 9 more Site Coordinators continues.
    • Recruitment for 1 Program Assistant continues.
    • ARP Planning approvals are complete.
    • Communication plan for Principals, Staff, Families and Youth is being drafted.
    • Interest survey's and focus groups are being finalized for youth, families and staff.
    • Target program launch date is approximately February 28 (dependent on hiring staff).

    **ARP = American Rescue Plan

    Flipside Administration

    Deb Campobasso, Program Manager


    Vacant, Program Assistant

    Main Office
    Washington Technology School
    1495 Rice Street
    Saint Paul, MN 55117

    Flipside Site Coordinators
    Coordinator Contacts