• Flipside is Expanding!

    Flipside recently received American Rescue Plan funding to expand to all Middle Schools across the District. This is an exciting and amazing opportunity for our Saint Paul middle school students.

    Flipside currently runs programming at these six schools:

    American Indian Magnet
    Farnsworth Aerospace Upper Campus
    Humboldt Secondary School
    Murray Middle School
    Ramsey Middle School
    Washington Technology School

    Flipside expanded programming to these schools this Spring 2022:

    Creative Arts Secondary
    E-STEM Middle School
    Hazel Park Preparatory Academy
    Highland Park Middle School
    Parkway Montessori Middle School

    Flipside will be expanding to the following schools Fall 2022:

    Battle Creek Middle School
    Capitol Hill Gifted and Talented
    Global Arts Plus Upper Campus
    Hmong Language and Culture Middle School
    Open World Learning Community


    We will be hiring new coordinators this summer to launch programming this fall.  Visit our Job Opening page for details.

  • Program locations

    Program Locations
    Flipside is now offered at 11 middle school locations across Saint Paul.

  • Youth, Family & Partners

    Youth, Family & Community Partners
    Flipside develops partnerships with schools, families, and the community.

  • Program Design & Evaluation

    Program Design & Evaluation
    Flipside is intentionally designed to achieve program outcomes for participation, experience and quality.