Frost Lake Elementary School - Addition and Remodel Project

  • January 17, 2020 - Update

    Construction at Frost Lake Elementary School is anticipated to begin in 2020. The project will include a new main entry, a building addition, and a full building renovation.

    Zoning Variance: SPPS has requested a zoning variance for the percentage of windows on the north side of Frost Lake Elementary School. The existing north (Idaho Avenue) elevation, composed of the existing school building and recreation center, includes a 9.3% window area. Current zoning code requires 15% window area. With the demolition of the recreation center and the added new construction, the overall north facing window area will be increased from 9.3% to 13.2%. However, this is still less than 15%, thus the need for a variance. The north facing gym in the new addition includes 16.3% window area.

    On January 15, 2020, the Greater East Side Council voted to support the District's variance request. The City of St. Paul's Board of Zoning Appeals will review the request on January 27, 2020. See the image of the proposed exterior design as viewed from Idaho Ave. in the image gallery above.

    Project Schedule: Construction is expected to begin summer 2020 and be completed by fall 2022.

    Main Entry: One of the most significant improvements at Frost Lake will be a new main entry for the school. The new entry will face Hoyt Avenue.  It is designed to be more welcoming and secure than the existing building entry. New administrative offices will be located next to the entry for better supervision and convenience.

    Building Addition: The first phase of the project will be the construction of a new two-story addition just west of the existing building, near Hoyt Avenue. The addition will include a new larger cafeteria and standard-sized elementary school gym, as well as new kindergarten and pre-K classrooms, which will be on the same level as the existing school. The new cafeteria and gym will be a level below, taking advantage of the site's natural slope. The existing playground will be replaced with a new playground, which will be located adjacent to the new gym and cafeteria.

    Building Renovation: After the building addition is complete, the existing school will be fully renovated. The renovation will include new lighting, new finishes, updated technology, and new inclusive restrooms, as well as some layout improvements. The renovation work will occur in multiple phases.  When the renovation work is complete, the existing recreation center will be torn down.

Remodeling Project Scope

  • A. Capital Improvement Key Points: 

    • Renovation of Existing Learning Spaces
    • Renovation of Restrooms
    • New Kitchen Addition
    • Common and Administration Addition

    B. Asset Preservation Key Points:

    • HVAC and Controls Replacement
    • Site Drainage Replacement
    • Parking Lot Pavement
    • Lighting Replacement
    • Playground  
    • Fire Suppression
    • Fire Alarm Systems

    C. Communication  and Security Camera updates

    Note: See original draft scope; please note, this is a conceptual work scope which informs the more robust design phase that accounts for broader and deeper aspects of the facility condition and parameters.

  • On September 19, the design team attended the school's fall Open House to gather input from students and families through an interactive display; see the photo gallery above.

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