Welcome to the GED ONLINE Program!

  • Prepare for the GED!

    The Hubbs Center offers many options for adults who want to prepare for their GED.

    1. GED Online Classes

    2. Traditional Classes

    3. Combination of both Online and Traditional

    GED prep is needed to ensure you have the best chance of passing the official GED test. A GED credential is the first step to making your dreams come true. 

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  • GED Online classes:

    Students who choose this option must have a computer or tablet and internet access. Students enrolled in online GED classes can prepare for the GED in locations that are convenient for them: at home, at work, or from a library, coffee shop or workforce center!

    Steps to enroll for GED Online classes:


    2. Check your email for confirmation that we have received your application and follow the instructions in the email. 

    3. Come to the Hubbs Center and complete a reading assessment (math assessments will be given later). 

    4. Meet with a Distance Learning advisor who will evaluate your test scores and explain our two online GED options:

    GED Online  (GED teacher-supported)

    • Minimum requirements:

              TABE Reading/Math score of 9.0/7.0 or higher, respectively.

    GED Online classes will use a variety of learning platforms, including ED Ready, Edmentum, Read Theory, and Google Classroom, customized to meet each student’s academic needs. Students will also have regular check-ins, both online and in-person, with a GED teacher to talk about their progress. Teachers will work with students to ensure they are making progress towards completing their GED and longer-term goals, such as entering college or meeting a specific career goal

    Distance Learning GED (independent study)

    • Minimum requirements:

              TABE Reading/Math score of 6.0 or higher.

    Students studying for their GED independently will work with Distance Learning staff to enroll them in online GED courses specfic to their reading and math levels, including pre-GED materials for students who are working towards higher test scores. Our distance learning courses use Edmentum, a comprehensive learning website with tutorials and practice activities for every GED subject. Those studying independently also have access to the drop-in tutor lab, open Monday-Friday.