• The Indian Education School Counseling services are supplemental school counseling services for American Indian students eligible for SPPS Indian Education services.This service does not replace the services of the school site counseling services. 

    This school counseling position is funded through two grants: Intervention for College Attedance Program and Success for the Future.

    The school counselor serves students in 9th -12th grade and rotates to the following schools on a regular schedule:

    • Central High School
    • Creative Arts High School
    • Como Park High School
    • Gateway to College
    • Gordon Parks High School
    • Harding High School
    • Highland Park High School
    • Johnson High School
    • Washington Technology High School

    Some of the services provided include:

    • Walking in Balance group 
    • ICAP grade level group (college and career preparation)
    • College visits and field trips
    • Cultural interventions for students at-risk of not graduating on time (in conjuction with standard interventions at the site)
    • Referrals for mental health and chemical health services, community agencies, and cultural programs.
    • For more information, Indian Education School Counselor Services Handout.