Welcome to the Center for Equity and Culture

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    History of the CEC

    When the CEC first opened in the 1960's it was called the Black History Center. It moved several times and was eventually renamed the Multicultural Resource Center to reflect its evolution into a center that promoted equity in the classroom by learning through diverse perspectives. While the MRC was housed at 1930 Como Avenue, a coordinator supervised the five main program areas which were run by educational specialists. The five areas included African American Education, Asian Education, Chicano/Latino Education, Native American Education, and Sex Equity in Education.

    When Saint Paul was planning a new high school, Arlington Senior High, the district designed a space within it that would be dedicated to the MRC. In 1997 the MRC opened in its beautiful new space. From 1997-1999 the MRC was run by two educational specialists and was open to all Saint Paul Public Schools. In 1999 the MRC closed and remained dark for the next four school years.

    Funding through the East Metro Integration District was allocated to the Saint Paul Public Schools to re-open the MRC and hire one staff person. Soon the MRC Steering Committee of EMID representatives was formed.  With their guidance, the Office of Educational Equity hired a TOSA (teacher on special assignment) to begin the work. In May 2003, efforts to re-open the center were initiated. The MRC began preparations to re-open in the fall of 2003, and it re-opened on October 22, 2003. It remained open as a joint venture between Saint Paul Public Schools and EMID for 13 years.

    In 2016, Saint Paul Public Schools withdrew from EMID and the MRC became fully funded by Saint Paul Public Schools, as part of the Office of Equity. The following spring the decision was made to remane the MRC to better reflect its work and purpose. In August, 2017 the MRC officially became the Center for Equity and Culture. The work of the CEC remains true to the original MRC goals of promoting equity in the classroom and learning through diverse perspecitves. Our hope is that our new name more clearly reflects this commitment to equity for all students.


    The Center for Equity and Culture Mission and Vision

    Our mission is toprovide resources, programming and support for students, teachers, families and community members to support equity and acheivement in SPPS.

    Our vision is that through deep and meaningful engagement teachers, students, families, and community members will work in partnership to provide and excellent, balanced education for all students in SPPS. 


    Where To Find Us

    The CEC is located in Washington Technology Magnet High School 
    1495 Rice Street, St. Paul, MN 55417

    Phone: 651.744.2635 |  Email: cec@spps.org