Welcome to the Center for Equity and Culture

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    The Center for Equity and Culture 

    The CEC is part of SPPS Department of Equity. Our mission is to provide resources, programming and support for students, teachers, families and community members to support equity and acheivement in SPPS.

    Our vision is that through deep and meaningful engagement teachers, students, families, and community members will work in partnership to provide an excellent, balanced education for all students in SPPS. 


    Contact Us

    The CEC is located in Washington Technology Magnet High School 
    1495 Rice Street, St. Paul, MN 55417

    Phone: 651.744.2635 |  Email: cec@spps.org


    Upcoming Events 

    Click on the top left sidebar to see what's coming up! All events are free and open to all staff, famiilies, students and community members.