• Saint Paul Public Schools banner: Together, We Put Students First

    We share a common interest in providing the best possible educational experience for Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) students. To further that goal, SPPS has established guiding values for negotiating contracts with our 26 employee labor groups.

    We believe in:

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    Listening to and communicating with our students and employees

    Creating an inclusive school district in which every family, staff and community member would enroll their children

    Working within our budget while meeting financial obligations

    Promoting a culture that is focused on students, their growth and achievement

    Bargaining priorities:

    • Competitive wages for all employees

    • Meet state pay equity requirements

    • Reduce the number of job classifications

    • Flexibility in hiring and retention of diverse, high-quality talent

    • Contract language that provides the ability for the district to be agile and adjust to the changing landscape and student needs

    • Consistency in identified contract language to reduce administrative burden and facilitate equitable access to benefits across employee groups

    • Transition to three-year agreements for non-licensed groups

  • Calendar Find dates to upcoming negotiation meetings.
  • Negotiation Status Review the status of contracts between employee labor groups and SPPS negotiation teams.
  • Union Groups Review contract proposals from SPPS and employee labor groups, as well as current contracts.