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  • The One Stop Website provides students and guardians valuable links to Saint Paul Public Schools online tools. Guardians use their One Stop usernames and passwords (gXXXXXX) to log in two online tools: (1) Campus Parent and (2) Schoology. All parents and guardians who have current students by default have One Stop accounts. One Stop usernames and passwords are recovered by either using the One Stop Username and Password Reset/Recover tool or by calling a school office (School Directory).

    2020 Back-to-School iUpdate opens July 13, 2020
    When guardians complete Back-to-School iUpdate, which includes almost all annually-required school and district forms, they not have to complete forms using paper and pencil. Click the Campus Parent button below to begin. If you can't remember if you have completed iUpdate...

    • Log in to Campus Parent (button below).
    • Click the menu button Button in the upper left corner.
    • Click More.
    • Click iUpdate (If there is a date, you have already completed iUpdate.

    One Stop Account - Frequently Asked Questions


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Free Email Services

  • Parents and guardians: If you need to reset or recover your password online, you will need to have a working email address on file and listed in your child’s school records. You may use some of the following free email services. Once set up, add the email address to your Campus Portal account or call your school.