Peter Beck

  • Peter Beck I have been teaching at Harding High School since 2003.  I am from Saint Paul and went to Groveland Park Elementary, Ramsey Junior, and Central High School. 

    I went on to get my Bachelor's of Social Studies Education at Gustavus Adolphus College in beautiful Saint Peter, Minnesota.  I continued on to obtain my Masters of Education and Administrative License from Saint Mary's University.  I have also taught at Humboldt Junior High for a semester and four years at Arlington High School which is now Washington Technology Magnet.  

    I am also the coach of the Boys Junior Varsity Soccer team.  

Contact Information

  • Peter Beck 

    AVID Teacher and Coordinator

    (651) 744-3100


  • 1st Admin Responsibilities 

    Advisory 1301 

    2nd Prep 

    3rd  11th Grade AVID 1143

    4th 1143 11th Grade AVID 1143

    5th PLC 

    6th 9th Grade AVID 1143

    7th  9th Grade AVID 1143


  • Junior Varsity Boys Soccer