Reopen SPPS

  • We are excited to welcome our students back to school beginning February 1, 2021! 

    Our staff is working hard to ensure a safe and smooth transition from distance learning to in-person learning and the Virtual Learning School. 

    SPPS is following all of the requirements and recommendations laid out in the Minnesota Safe Learning Plan. We are committed to providing you with timely updates as details are finalized. The latest information is posted on this website on a regular basis; please check back often and look for additional updates from your students’ school.

    Back to School Timeline*

    • January 25-29: There will be no instruction for PreK-5, Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) or Special Education Federal IV programs while teachers prepare to transition

    • February 1: All students in grades PreK-5, ECSE and Federal IV programs will begin learning with their new classes, whether they are returning in person or moving to the Virtual Learning School. This means:
      • Students in PreK-2, ECSE, Federal IV programs, Montessori Children’s House and E1, and some multigrade classrooms will begin in-person learning on February 1
      • All Virtual Learning School students in PreK-5, ECSE and Federal IV programs begin learning with their new classes on February 1
      • Students in grades 3-5 will meet with their new classes in distance learning from February 1-12

    • February 16: Students in grades 3-5 who are returning to school begin full-time in-person learning

    *This timeline applies to most of our elementary schools, but there may be some differences depending on the school. Families will receive more information directly from their schools.

  • Grades 6-12

    We will begin offering in-person support for some 6-12 grade students starting in February. To start, students who need support to graduate or pass their classes, multilingual learners, special education students, and those who need additional social-emotional support will be prioritized. We are working on ways to provide additional support for as many students as possible as the school year progresses. More information is available here.

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    COVID-19 Communications Protocol

    SPPS works closely with the Minnesota Department of Health to determine action steps for a reported case of COVID-19. Notifications will be sent when action needs to be taken.

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     Facilities Updates

    Improved ventilation, daily building sanitation, and safety reminders posted throughout schools are some of the many steps being taken to ensure a safe return to school. All SPPS schools have updated filtration systems in place.

  • School Building

    Building Access for Families

    Students must be dropped off outside school entrances. Students cannot be escorted by family members to their classrooms or anywhere else inside the building. In addition, families will not be allowed to have lunch, observe a class, volunteer, or engage in any other activities in school buildings.

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    Cleaning Procedures

    SPPS follows a four-tiered cleaning response to suspected or confirmed reports of COVID-19 in SPPS buildings.

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    Meal Service

    Students will eat breakfast in their classroom. School cafeterias will be used for serving and eating lunch where possible. In buildings where the cafeteria is not large enough to meet social distancing guidelines, classrooms may be used as dining space. In addition, families can pick up free meal kits once a week at their school.

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    Bus drivers and K-12 students are required to wear masks on the bus. School staff will supervise bus drop-off and implement a school dismissal routine that supports social distancing.

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    Virtual Learning School 

    The deadline to enroll in the Virtual Learning School was Monday, January 11. All Virtual Learning School students will start on February 1, including grades 3-5. Please look for more information from your school as class rosters are finalized.

Report COVID Concerns

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