Welcome to the Restorative Practices Program

  • Restorative Practices are ways for a school community to build relationships, problem solve and learn. In this approach, relationships are the most important way we learn about the world and ourselves.

    A Restorative Practice school and community believe:

    • Everyone in the school community is good, wise and powerful.
    • We are all connected to one another.
    • All of us want to be in good, healthy relationships with others.
    • We all have talents and gifts we bring to school.
    • It takes time, habits and support to build and maintain positive relationships.

    In addition to the Restorative Practice sites, many schools are seeking to use restorative approaches to create a sense of community and repair harm.

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    Shawn Davenport, Program Coordinator

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    Kurt RuKim, Project Coordinator

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