• Schoology

Schoology in Saint Paul Public Schools

  • Schoology is an online learning management system that helps you stay informed about your student’s classes, assignments and grades. You can use Schoology to:

    • View your student’s courses and collaboration groups
    • View your student’s upcoming, current and overdue assignments
    • Monitor school and course announcements
    • Stay involved in your student’s education


    Implementation Timeline 


    Use of Schoology in the 2016-17 school year has been optional on a classroom and school basis. Teachers or schools using Schoology have informed students and families how to use Schoology in this limited basis.  



    Secondary: Starting fall 2017, secondary teachers will use the Schoology Gradebook for graded assignments to help families monitor and support student work. Secondary teachers received an overview of Schoology expectations for fall 2017 earlier this year.

    Families will receive more details and instructions directly from their schools and student's teachers how to use Schoology in fall 2017.

    Elementary: Schoology use is optional for 2017-18, and recommended as a way to share and collect assignments with students, communicate with parents, and support staff meetings and other collaboration. 

    Teachers and schools using Schoology will inform students and families how to use Schoology beginning fall 2017.