Shannen Lach Kameya

  • I go by the names of Sra. Kameya or Kameya-sensei, depending on whether you are studying Spanish or Japanese. If you say hello to me in the hallway you never know which language might come out!

    In high school I fell in love with foreign langauges. I studied every language offered at my high school in North Dakota. After receiving my BA in East Asian Studies from Hamline University I moved to Japan to perfect my Japanese. There I became an English teacher and translator and stayed for almost 10 years. I've also lived in Argentina and in Brazil, teaching English while studying Spanish and Portuguese. 

    After returning for my Master's in Second Languages and Cultures at the University of Minnesota I was very fortunate to be able to teacher both Spanish and Japanese at Harding High School. I believe learning a new language opens up a new world of possbilities, and I hope Harding students find those possibilities as exciting as I do.

Kameya Sensei

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  • Period 1: Japanese 3

    Period 2: Japanese 1

    Period 4: Japanese 1

    Period 5: Japanese 1

    Period 7: Japanese 1

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