Parent Involvement & Meetings

  • Families, 
    Your ideas and input are valuable to Harding. Please take the time to express your thoughts and experiences through the following survey: 
    Student success is dependent upon parents and guardians being involved in their child's school life, even if they claim they don't want you involved. Student success is related to adult involvement. Students do want you involved. They just don't want to look un-cool in front of their friends because their parents showed up. Take the risk, show your child you care about their future. If you care enough to be involved in your child's education, your child may care enough to be involved in their education.
    If you want to know what is happening at your child's school you must be at the school. Relying on what your child shares with you may cause you to miss a lot of information...things you can do to get involved:

    • Check our calendar frequently
    • Volunteer when you can
    • Go on field trips 
    • Share your talents and knowledge
    • Go to the parent meetings
    • Talk to your child about school everyday
    • Email or call your child's teachers
    • Go to school plays and concerts
    • Attend sporting events

    Be there with or without your child's approval. Even if they do not thank you now, they will appreciate it, and it will improve their academic success. 
    Education is a partnership among students, school and home.

    Parent Teacher Conferences

    Parent Teacher Conferences are very important!  Come, meet your student's teachers, find out how they are doing in class.  

    To learn more -- click here... Parent Teacher Conferences. 



    Harding High School’s monthly parent/guardian involvement meeting is a great way to connect with the school, staff, and other parents. All parents and guardians are invited to attend our monthly meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to provide information and resources to help parents and guardians navigate the educational system so they can better support their student. The meeting is also a great way to share concerns and ask questions. We have language interpreters in Hmong, Spanish, Karen, and Somali available to help facilitate our monthly meeting. A light meal will be served at the beginning of every meeting. If you have any questions, need for transportation or childcare, please feel free to contact 651-793-4700. 

    See the right hand column for the next Parent/Family meeting date. We hope to see you at our next meeting!


    My SPPS App

    Stay connected with Harding High School through the My SPPS app. Harding High School is working hard to ensure we are digitally connected to our parents and guardians. The My SPPS app is a great digital tool to check your student’s grade, attendance, bus, and Harding news and athletic schedules. The My SPPS app is available on the App Store or Google Play for free! If you do not have a smartphone, the app is available on your student’s school-issued iPad. Staying connected and informed is crucial in the success of your student’s academic journey. More information can be found at

    Parent Portal

    Parent Portal
    allows parents/guardians to access attendance, grades, assignments and teacher contacts. You will need to create a username and a password in order to use Parent Portal. Contact the main office at 651-793-4700 for assistance.



    Title I and Family Engagement Plans

    To view the Harding Title I and Family Engagement Plans, including the school compact and SCIP plan, please go to our About section:

Contact Information

  • James Bush ~ (651) 744-3218

    Adriana RiosDessalate ~ (651) 744-7630

    Tou Vang ~ (651) 744-7086

    Sarmoo Kwee ~ (651) 744-7409

Meeting Dates

  • Check our school calendar to see dates for Parent Involvement Meetings.

    We hope to see you there!