Adrienne Anderson

  • Adrienne Anderson has been a teacher in St. Paul since 2001! She has a Bachelor's degree in Family Social Science and a Masters in Education from the University of Minnesota. 2022-23 starts her 22nd year as a Family Consumer Science teacher and has been here at Harding Senior High School since 2010. Before that, she taught at Arlington Sr. High School and Cleveland Quality Middle School. The subjects she teaches are Culinary Arts 1 and 2, Clothing Tech, Child Development, and Personal Finance. 

    When Ms. Anderson is not in school, she likes to be creative and make things and enjoys cooking, sewing, traveling, and hanging out with family and friends. Her favorite show on TV is RuPauls Drag Race and her favorite place to travel is to the ocean. 

    Ms. Anderson lives in Minneapolis with her husband and son who will be in 4th grade this year! 

    This year Ms. Anderson is excited about the new block schedule because she thinks it will create more opportunities for us to get to know each other and put more time into lessons. Ms. Anderson believes creating connections with students is the most important thing for success and she loves getting to know all of the students here at HHS. Her hope for this year is that we all have a productive, fun and safe school year. Her dad always said, "If you don't stretch your boundaries, they shrink" and she hopes her students this year will be willing to take some risks, try some new things and learn a lot!! 




Contact Information

  • Adrienne Anderson

    Family Consumer Sciences 

    Phone: (651)744-3176


    Bachelors of Science, Family Social Science

    Masters of Education


  • Class Schedule 2023-2024

    Semester 1

    A DAY's 

    1st hour- Child Development

    2nd hour- Culinary Arts 1

    3rd hour-PLC

    4th hour- Culinary Arts 1

    B Day's 

    1st hour- Child Development

    2nd hour- Child Development

    3rd hour- Clothing Tech


    4th hour PREP

Clubs and Organizations

  • Fashion Club will begin in September at some point. Stop by room 1359 for more info