Alex Barnett - Music Teacher

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  • There are many different ways to say hello.  You could wave, you could say hi, bonjour, or hola.  There are many different ways to perform, create, read and describe music.  In the music classes at LEAP High-School we explore some of these different options. 

    There are three different music classes at LEAP High-School.  They are Choir, Piano and Guitar.  In each of these classes students work toward gaining a better understanding of music concepts through the practice, performance and creation of music. 

    Classroom Goals

    1. Be able to read, write, perform, and compose music
    2. Use music to gain a better understanding of the English language
    3. Use music to improve our overall academic performance

    Here is an interesting article on the positive effects of music on student retention of vocabulary!
    Music's Effect on the Brain

    Classroom Rules

    1. Be empathetic and kind to others.
    2. Participate and do your best in all activities.
    3. Respect all classroom instruments and property.
    4. Only one person talks at a time.



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