Boundary Waters Sunset 2020
  • Welcome to Biology.  The goal of this course is to introduce the student to the many different areas of biology and expand their knowledge of living organisms and the environments they live in.  GRADING:

    All grading follows the Highland Park grading policy and IB rubrics


    1.  Communicate with me!  Remember I am here to help you succeed and learn science.  If you have a question please ask.  If you need more time to understand a topic please schedule a time with me.  I'm available before or after school by appointment.

    2.  Turn lab reports in early.  If you submit your lab report ahead of time I will read it and give you feedback.  This allows you to make corrections and submit your lab report on time for a grade you can feel more confident about.  

    3.  Keep Up!  Turn in your work on time or ahead of time.  This is one of the most important success tips I can give.  Once students fall behind it is very difficult to recover in an accelerated class.  Each Point Counts!

    4.  Keep your work.  Even if it's a grade your not proud of by keeping your work and reviewing it you can learn from your mistakes (Especially lab reports).  It's important to read feedback and see what you can do to improve.  

    5.  Ask Questions, Research your passions, Learn, Stay Positive, and Have Fun.  My goal is to make you excited about science and want to ask questions about the biological world we live in.  Our world and the living organisms on it are truly fascinating.  


    I'm glad I get the opportunity to teach you this year and I look forward to getting know you.