ADP is on hold until we are able to hold in-person classes again. However, we can still make a plan using GED as a part of your ADP portfolio.

  •  ADP

    • ADP is a competency based program that is very individualized. It incorporates each student’s academic and vocational experiences into a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP).  Each student’s plan is based on their high school credits, standardized test scores, vocational training, and work experience.   
    • Minimum requirements: 21 years or older, Reading TABE score of 6 or higher, and Math TABE score of 5 or higher
    • ADP consists of five subject areas: Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math, and Career & Employability
    • ADP classes are only offered during the day, Monday-Friday and is not available online
    • Regular attendance in class is necessary in order to complete ADP
    • GED Tests with passing scores can be used towards a student’s ADP


    ADP—How does it work?

    • ADP students must be registered at the Hubbs Center and meet the minimum qualifications listed above.  
    • ADP students will have a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP).  If a student does not have a PLP, they are NOT an ADP student.  We must have the student's academic and vocational records in order to develop a PLP.  Students interested in ADP are responsible for collecting their academic and vocational records. The ADP Counselor can access St. Paul Public Schools and MN GED Testing records. 
    • Once all of this information is collected, the student will meet with the ADP Counselor to discuss their PLP. The student will then know what subjects they have to complete to obtain their diploma. 
    • If the student decides to be in ADP, they will have a full interview, will be scheduled into ADP Lab, and will have a finalized PLP. They will have a plan to complete the competencies.
    • Students will attend class (75% attendance) to complete the competencies through the approved classwork or testing. The coursework must meet the MN Department of Education College and Career Readiness Standards.  As students complete the competencies, their PLP will be updated to chart their progress.  


    ADP--What else should I know about ADP?

    • The projects and assignments in ADP must be completed at a high academic level and are based on the CCRS.  This makes ADP excellent preparation for college. 
    • It will require commitment and persistence. It is DOABLE, but it is NOT a quick and easy program.   It is NOT a “packet” based program.  It is NOT a program that can be started and stopped easily.
    • It is a pilot program approved by the MN Department of Education. They set the standards for the diploma, approve students for graduation, and issue the diploma. 
    • It is an alternative to the GED for earning a high school credential.