Smart Nutrition Seminar

  • Get through the day with less stress, and more enegry!

    We all live in this fast paced world that puts a strain on our lives that stresses us out and decreases our
    quality of life. While we can’t buy more time, most of us overlook a simple solution that makes our lives
    better and helps us cope with all the issues that life throws in our direction. What we eat (and don’t eat)
    has a profound effect on how we feel and how we perform.



    Smart Nutrition Workbook

    November Smart Nutrition Seminars- Surviving the Holidays

    The end of the year is a time for social events and celebration, but it is also rife with stress, temptation and weight gain. In fact, many people gain weight during the holiday season and spend the rest of the year trying to lose it, only to repeat this behavior year after year. This presentation will teach you how to take control of your eating this holiday season and break this negative cycle. The class includes an entertaining and fun cooking demonstration with delicious food samples, and easy recipes for home use.

    November Seminar Flyer

    To use the Smart Nutrition Seminars as your 2018 Wellness Program you must attend two unique* seminars.

    *Each month the same seminar topic is held two times. Attend two seminars, with different topics as your 2018 Wellness Program.