College & Career Planning

  • There are several options to get you started planning your future -- education, careers, and more.  Click on a title of any of the programs listed below to learn more and see how they can help you get started.

    Prepare for a Career

    [Open pdf of Preparing for a Career]

    This website helps low-literacy job seekers and English language learners find career planning and work preparation information.  There are 3 levels -- for English language learners, for those finishing thier High School Dipoloma or getting a GED, and for those who have finished HS or gotten their GED and want to further their career.

    MN Programs of Study:  
    Use this website to learn what combination of classes and activities will help you prepare for your future. A Program of Study is an academic and career plan developed by your school to help move you towards a college and career path.  Check out the Career Wheel to get ideas about different career fields.

    Minnesota State CAREERwise Education:

    • Start Here.  Explore Careers -- Assess your skills, set goals, and explore 800+ careers.  Plan your Education -- Prepare, pay and apply for Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.  Find a Job -- Explore the job market and learn how to search and apply for jobs.  
    • Parent page. Take an active role in helping your teen explore the worlds of education and work, the career development process, and today's labor market.
    • Immigrant & Refugees page.  Are you new to this country? Find information for students, job seekers, and parents. Locate organizations that can help you adjust to your new home and maintain ties to your cultural community.

    MN Career Pathways:
    Prepare - How do I plan training for my career?  Explore - What are my education and training options?  Act - How do I make it happen?

    GPS LifePlan: 
    Created by Century College (MN) in 2006, the GPS LifePlan is a holistic program designed to help students create the life they want. The program focuses on five areas of development - career, education, finance, leadership and personal. The GPS LifePlan provides a framework/structure to help student's approach goal setting and connects them to resources that can help them achieve those goals. 

    Minnesota Career Information System:
    The Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS) is an Internet-based system that combines a wealth of career, educational and labor market information into one comprehensive, easy-to-use exploration tool. With MCIS, students with the help of a Harding Counselor to get you started can:

    • Learn about over 520 occupations
    • Develop a personal portfolio and personal learning plan
    • Research colleges, universities, and career schools
    • Find scholarships and financial aid
    • Improve job search skills and create a resume


    Take a look at this Career Wheel to explore some career fields and pathways.

    career pathways chart

    [Open pdf of MN Career Fields, Clusters & Pathways Chart and Explanation]



Trades: Careers/Apprenticeships

Video Resources: Effective Job Search Skills

  • MyMNCareers - Video Resources
    The video resources at MyMNCareers provide real-life examples and instruction for students and job seekers seeking to learn effective job search skills.  They cover these topics:

    • Completing a Job Application
    • Cover Letters
    • Interviewing
    • Networking
    • Resume
    • Other Job Search Tips