Student Accounting and State Reporting

  • The department of Student Accounting and State Reporting collects data from public schools and nonpublic schools (including homeschooled students) within the St. Paul city boundaries. This data is reported to the state weekly throughout the year to meet state requirements. The data is used to determine state and federal aid funding for each fiscal year.

    We focus on getting the maximum funding due for each school while remaining within the letter of the law. Staff meet all required reporting deadlines with punctual, accurate, and transparent data, allowing reviewers to see who made changes in case further clarification is needed. The SPPS state reporting history is so good, the department was asked to partner with the State of Minnesota to pilot its new reporting system, Ed-Fi.

    Student Accounting and State Reporting has sometimes been referred to as MARSS, which stands for the Minnesota Automated Reporting Student System. MARSS protocol data collection was used for many years, but is being phased out as the state moves to Ed-Fi, which is a more standard protocol for collecting data.

    Although this department has been part of other SPPS offices in the past, the Office of Business and Financial Affairs is the best fit for a department that is so closely tied to the funding of SPPS schools.

Primary Functions of Student Accounting and State Reporting

  • State Reporting

  • Resident Student Enrollment

  • Enrollment Options

  • Tuition Billing

  • Title I Nonpublic Textbook Aid

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did Student Accounting touch my enrollment?

  • Where can I get my state ID from school?

  • We moved out of Saint Paul city boundaries but we want to continue enrollment in SPPS. What’s next?


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Last Modified on September 11, 2023