Dec-Jan "Upcycle" Challenge!

Upcycle Challenge!
  • The Inquiry at Home Challenge for December and January focuses on the idea of Upcycling.  Upcycling is when you take materials you no longer want, and turn them into something new and useful.  

    Your job this month is to find materials around home that you can turn into something new.  First, choose a problem.  Maybe a chore you could help with, or a new tool you could invent to help do something.  Then build your invention, and create a one-pager to show how it works.  

    Bring in your invention and your one-pager to school where we can display it during January for everyone to see.

    Good luck!

Resources to explore

How does recycling work?

  • What is Recycling? Check out this video for information about what recycling is, and what happens to things we recycle.


    How does recycling work?  Here is a great video that shows the process for recylcing in New York City.

Ideas for projects to create